Moving Checklists

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It's easy to overlook one of the many responsibilities on your plate. We've created these checklists to answer some of the most common questions we hear from our tenants. If you still need help after reviewing the information below, get in touch with us: 425-438-3474

Move-in Checklist

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit

We require your first month's rent and security deposit at the lease signing. Your security deposit will be held as collateral throughout the duration of your lease.

Move-in Date & Inspection

We will perform an inspection before you move-in and provide the checklist for you to review at the lease signing. You'll need to return the checklist within 72 hours with any adjustments noted for us to review.


Utilities need to be placed in your name after the lease signing. You are responsible for keeping all accounts current throughout the duration of your tenancy.

Move-out Checklist

Notice of Intent to Vacate

If you plan to move out of your rental home, please provide us with written notice of your intent to vacate. Refer to your lease for more information.

Property Condition

Before handing in the keys for your rental home, you need to take care of the following priorities:

Rental Cleaning: Carefully clean every room in your home and remove all of your personal belongings. Carpeted floors need to be vacuumed and shampooed, whereas hard floors should be swept and mopped. Pay special attention in the kitchen and bathroom(s), where you'll need to sanitize all hard surfaces.

Landscaping & Outdoor Areas: If you have outdoor space where you typically address chores like mowing the lawn, please make sure you handle these once more before moving out.

Repairs: If any damage occurred during your stay, please do everything possible to address the necessary repairs before you leave. This includes patching nail and screw holes, repainting discolored walls, and replacing broken glass.

Security Deposit

We will perform a final inspection after you vacate your rental home. If we identify any new damage, we will schedule repairs for the property. All related expenses will be deducted from your deposit.

Please note, your deposit cannot be used to cover your last month's rent payment. Failure to pay your rent may result in legal action and adverse credit reporting.

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