8 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Spring Décor

Spring is finally here! From the warming weather to the blooming greenery, there is just so much to love about this season.

It’s time to pack up your cozy winter décor and start refreshing your home for spring. But before you break out the bunnies and eggs, check out the list below for a few simple and easy ways you can spruce up your home this season.

  1. Add Flowers: Add a touch of spring to any room with a bouquet of fresh flowers! From budding hydrangeas to a bundle of tulips, a selection from the array of flowers lining the entrance of your grocery store is the perfect way to welcome the season into your home.
  2. Incorporate Mirrors: Including a few mirrors in your spring décor can help bounce any natural light around a room, making the space feel brighter and larger. 
  3. Embrace Pastel Shades: We can’t think about spring without thinking about the light blues, pinks, and yellows that come with it. Throw pillows, knickknacks, curtains, and dish towels all provide an opportunity to add brighter hues to your home without going overboard.
  4. Swap Out Your Bedding: Spring is all about awakening, so this is the perfect time of year to wake up in your bedroom with some new bedding! Refresh your room by switching out your heavy winter blankets, throws, and pillows with slightly lighter linens.
  5. Add Baskets to Reduce Clutter: It’s spring cleaning season! Amidst all your decluttering, you’ve probably found a few things that just don’t fit into your closets or in drawers. Luckily, wicker, rope, and felt baskets exist for this very purpose. Place a few in every room and use them to store your extra blankets, books, magazines, mail, and more.
  6. Update Your Patio Décor: If you’re lucky enough to have a back patio or deck, don’t neglect it this spring. Since you’ll definitely want to enjoy it during the warmer months this year, take some time to turn it into a calming outdoor retreat by investing in some outdoor furniture, pillows, rugs and more. 
  7. Don’t Forget the Greenery: If pastels and flowers just don’t fit into your décor style, don’t worry. You can still incorporate a bit of spring into your home using greenery! Potted plants, hanging vines, and even seed starters for your garden can add the perfect hint of springtime to your décor.
  8. Hang a Spring Wreath: Make the perfect first impression by adding a spring wreath to your front door! Pick one up from your local craft store or make your own using fresh flowers and greenery. You can mist it with water and cover it with a plastic bag at night to seal in the moisture and keep your wreath fresh for longer.