Why you should lease a whole property, not room by room

As a residential property owner and investor, do you want to be refereeing between adults about whose turn it is to do the dishes? That is not the way your passive income investment is supposed to work.

While it’s tempting to maximize the return on your investment by leasing out your property room-by-room rather than as a whole, we find the benefit rarely outweighs the potential risks and liabilities.

Those risks and liabilities include:

  1. What happens if one tenant attacks or steal from another tenant?
  2. Who referees in squabbles between tenants about cleaning or TV volume?
  3. How will you organize the parking to be fair between tenants?
  4. How do you manage visitor rules between tenants?

As a policy, we won’t manage a property that leases room-by-room. In Fact, most property management companies will not. Instead, we want to show you how to maximize your ROI and turn it into a truly passive investment income source.

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