Q3 2021 Snohomish and King County Rent Report

Is your rent market rate?

Are your tenants waiting around on a month-to-month lease waiting to see if rental prices will drop? At this point, we wouldn’t bet on it. We’ve seen rental prices increase all year long.


👉Seattle had the most significant overall increases, but smaller cities like Lynnwood are not far behind in their rent jumps. Lynnwood’s average rent for a four-bedroom house or duplex jumped 21% from Q2 to Q3!!!

👉A few places recorded smaller or no rent increases. In Marysville, for example, the median and average rent for a four-bedroom home dropped 1% and 2%, respectively.

👉In other cities, it might be affordable to upgrade to more space. In Kent, the difference between the median rent for a three-bedroom and a four-bedroom home is only $200.